• what does it take to become energy.org committed?

    it's simple. integrate these goals into the daily operation of your organization, and report on your progress towards accomplishing them every quarter. stay on track and meet our thresholds, and you are energy.org committed.

    goal 1.

    understand the metrics.

    most businesses are not aware of their basic energy metrics - for example, energy usage per revenue generated. identifying these numbers are the foundation to a sustainable business.

    goal 2.

    practice conservation.

    combating the climate crisis begins with organizations and individuals focusing on using less. allocating resources more efficiently, and or using less energy overall is the priority.

    goal 3.

    offset operations.

    our earth deserves some recognition for the harm we put it through. business owners have the opportunity to pay a voluntary earth tax, which sponsors global restoration projects.

    goal 4.

    use clean energy by year _____

    work with us to establish a timeline and power your organization with 100% renewable energies. it's possible - clean power is becoming cheaper and more accessible everyday.