• We're helping businesses reach net-zero.

    Sea levels are rising, animals are going extinct, and humans everywhere are at risk.

    Our planet needs us now more than ever. Let's do something.

  • Our mission: net-zero by 2038.

    One part educational resource, one part commitment initiative, and one part advocacy platform, Energy.org is a student-led effort to make a difference in the climate crisis and bring the world one step closer to net-zero. We're helping businesses of all sizes make a difference.

  • Step 1: Understand.

    For us to take meaningful action, a strong grasp on climate change, it's origins, and its effects is imperative. Energy.org is proud to be a comprehensive and unbiased source for information about climate change. Start by checking out The Story of Climate Change.

  • Step 2: Encourage.

    Companies can change the world: let's encourage them to do their part. Help us make every single corporation net-zero by 2038 by sending your CEO a letter.

  • Step 3: Commit.

    Learn about the Energy.org Commitment, which recognizes companies that have committed to making their operations net-zero by 2038. Our team is on hand to give feedback, guidance, and advice throughout the commitment process. Businesses large and small are eligible.