• Why 2038?

    2038 is two decades and one generation away. We want our children to come into a world free of carbon emissions. 2038 is also a critical point: at the rate that temperatures are currently rising, 2038 might be the point of no return.

  • Companies of all sizes.

    Becoming Energy.org Committed is simple and free. After filling out the application, we'll take a few weeks to evaluate your business and give you actionable feedback for how to move towards net-zero. We will then either approve or deny your application to commit. Most companies who fill out a thorough application and demonstrate good faith will be approved.


    Once approved, we'll send you a letter to formally recognize your intent and effort; you can also get an Energy.org decal for your storefront. Environmentally-friendly business is good business for all, and companies making a significant effort to save our planet deserve recognition no matter their size.

  • Understanding your emissions.

    A major part of becoming Energy.org Committed is demonstrating a strong grasp of your company's emissions. For some businesses, this task is more complicated than others. Our application can help you evaluate your company's existing footprint, and will also help you ask the right questions. Please note: the Energy.org application is incredibly thorough, so plan for it to take a few hours and have your energy bill ready.

  • What does commitment mean?

    By committing to net-zero by 2038, your company agrees to do everything you can to gradually reduce your carbon footprint year-over-year. There are two primary benefits to taking the Energy.org Commitment: showing your customers that you care about the environment, and reaping the financial savings of being an energy-conscious business.


    To start, your company must fill out the Energy.org application. Our team will check-in yearly to ensure that your company is keeping in line with your stated goals and remains eligible for commitment. Please note that any and all information you submit through our platform is completely confidential and secure to GDPR standards.